Girls Just wanna have fun

Girls Just wanna have fun

(Semi-Permanant Synthetic lashes)

Flares/Clusters are applied one by one creating a dramatic look.  Clusters and spikes are both combined to create a customized look, much like the strip lash but customized for you and adhered to lashes eluding a natural look.  These lashes last up to 2 weeks with proper care.

Cluster lashes, or flares, typically consist of groups of 5-8 blunt-end lashes knotted together. They can be applied either directly to the skin (between natural lashes) or on top of a grouping of existing lashes.

They are more natural in appearance than strips but carry many of the same concerns (the same skin adhesives are used when attaching to the eyelid) as well as a few additional ones. Several natural lashes are typically glued together to support the weight of a single flare.

Eyelashes come in variety of colors and density.

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