Long term Relationship

Long term Relationship

(Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions)

These permanent Eyelash Extensions are made to last.  Applied one at a time and adhered with a more permanent adhesive. Your Eyelash Extensions will be at least 50% longer and thicker and unlike other methods you will barely know you have them.

This procedure takes from 60 to 90 minutes to complete during which time you will lie down, close your eyes and relax.  Elaine will apply your lashes and explain you how to take care of them.  If you are gentle with your new lashes and use the recommended products you will be able to swim, shower, work out and wear mascara with them. 

In the first few weeks come of your eyelashes will naturally shed.  At this time you can book a 45 minute refill appointment, we will replace any lashes that have fallen, this way you can always have longer and thicker lashes in the same way you may have manicured nails.

Eyelash extensions to enhance your beauty.